When is payment due?
-Payment is due at or before the session. We accept cash or check. If you are paying with a check please make it out to Megan Hall.

What are the fees to have you travel to a session outside of Utah County?
-The travel fee for Salt Lake County is $15, and for Davis County it is $25. Please contact me for more information on other locations.

How long will it be until we get the disc of our images?
-You will receive your disc of images within 2-3 weeks after your session (excludes weddings). I will let you know as soon as it is ready and make arrangements for you to come pick it up. Please do not email me sooner than this to check on when it will be done, because having to respond to emails about that takes time away that I could be editing your images.

What if I need the disc sooner than 2-3 weeks?
-You can pay for a rush order on your images. It is $50 and you will receive your disc within one week after your session. Rush orders are not an option for weddings because of the amount of images taken.

What if I need a couple of images before I get my disc in 2-3 weeks?
-If you need any images before you get your disc you can pay $2 per image and I will email them to you in high resolution. Please make arrangements for this before the session.

How long will it be until I get the disc of images from my wedding day?
-Because of the amount of images taken on a wedding day, please allow approximately 6-8 weeks for your disc to be ready.

What if I don’t live close enough to pick up my disc?
-I can ship your disc to you for $5 if you do not live close enough to come pick it up. Arrangements and payment of shipping need to be made at or before the session.

If I decide to have more people in the session than I originally planned on, do I need to pay extra?
-Sessions fees are based on how many people are in the session. If you end up having more people in the session you will need to pay the extra amount, no exceptions.

I want to have my pets in the pictures. Is there an extra charge for animals?
-Pets will be counted as individuals in photo sessions. Please let me know ahead of time if you are going to have a pet in any of your pictures.

What if we need more than one disc and print release letter from our session?
-Each session comes with one copy of the disc and one print release letter. If your pictures are of extended family and you would like more than on copy you can purchase more for $10 each.

Can you come to my house to do a newborn session?
-I can come to your house for a newborn session. I will bring my props, backdrop and lighting equipment with me. Please make sure you have a room with plenty of space to work, and have things picked up off the floor and out of the way before I get there so that doesn't take time out of the session.

How do I order a print of one of your scenery images?
-Please email me for more information on ordering prints.

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